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Client Stories

Communication Imaging has highly qualified therapists that engage in many different therapies for children of all ages. Susan Paul is an inspiration to many and puts her clients first. The quality of therapy is exceptional and progress is shown by all clients. Any person with the need of speech and language services would benefit from Communication Imaging and Susan Paul’s expertise.

AnneMarie Taylor, M.S., CCC-SLP

Susan Paul is very friendly, approachable, and of course knowledgeable. A perfect professional with lots of emotion, which is a rare blend. Observing her sessions can be such a great learning experience for any parent. I said it before and will say again – she is magical!

Proud Parent

When I began as Executive Director of the Green Tree School a decade ago, I was in desperate need of a speech therapist. Susan Paul was recommended to me, and her work for us with children on the autism spectrum and others with serious emotional disturbance was no less than excellent. In additon, she provided services for our Early Intervention children who exhibited a variety of developmental delays.

Since those beginning days, Susan has developed a team of therapists who are extremely adept at their speciality. We have used several of them, and are most satisfied with their work, and especially, the way Susan administers her organization.

Susan Paul has my unconditional recommendation for any services she can provide for individuals or organizations.

Dr. Herman Axelrod, Executive Director

Not being able to understand my son’s speech was a draining and frustrating experience for the whole family.  Speech therapy at Communication Imaging has improved his ability to communicate, raised his self-esteem and reduced his frustration level.  His speech therapy was really a whole child/family therapy and it gave me back my happy son.  I will be forever grateful for the help you have given my son and the support you have given me.

Laura K.

We are absolutely pleased with the services we receive from Susan for my ASD child.  Susan brings a wealth of current research-based knowledge, is very skilled in its applications and years of excellent clinical experience.  We have searched high and low for a clinician like Susan and are thrilled we finally found her.  My son made quick gains in a few short months towards becoming verbal.  We doubt we could have made this type of progress with anyone else.  Thank you so much for everything you and your kindhearted staff do for us and your invaluable contribution on his clinical team!

Rasheda A.

In the mystifying world of speech and communication issues Susan Paul has stood like a lighthouse in the fog for this family.  Including me in my son’s therapy and valuing my input, treating us and all her clients with dignity, always open to new information, she sets a standard I believe all speech therapists would do well to follow.  She led us safely through rough weather, and sent us on our way free, safe and happy.

Laurie, Rachel K. & Bacia K.

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